Scenic Area of South-north Lake

  • Release date:2022-11-05  10:22
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  • The Scenic Area of the South-north Lake is located on the north coast of the Hangzhou Bay, at the foot of lush mountains and near the sea, where the scenes of the mountains, sea and lake are well integrated, and the elegant mountains, vast sea and clear lake are as beautiful a paradise. “The scenery of layers of the mountains, tortuous rivers and wonderful sea is more exquisite than that of the West Lake,” commented Chen Congzhou. For thousands of years, people have written poems and articles in its praise. In addition to charming natural scenes, there are many romantic stories happening here, so it is culturally and naturally attractive. The combination of cultural landscapes and beautiful natural scenery throughout the year makes it more charming, and now it has become an eternal cultural symbol of Haiyan.

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