Qiyuan Garden

  • Release date:2022-11-05  10:21
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  • Qiyuan Garden used to be known as “Garden of Feng Family”. It was renamed Qiyuan Garden by its owner Feng Zuanzhai after he repaired and expanded it, meaning a beautiful and gorgeous garden. It was called as “The First Garden of Zhejiang” by Chen Congzhou, a landscape expert of China. The Garden combines the elegance of the gardens of Suzhou, grandness of those of Yangzhou, and characteristics of the ancient gardens of Zhejiang, so it looks elegant but not delicate, grand but not stiff. The areas used for the “residence” and “garden” in the Garden are separate from each other, but a large water area is used in a smart way to integrate residence and garden areas instead of separating them from each other. It is an ideal tourist destination all the year round with each of its objects as poetic scenery. Today, the Garden has become a cultural landmark and an important window for cultural changes between Haiyan and the regions beyond.

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