Economic and Social High-quality Development Achieved in Haiyan through Implementation of Quality-driven Strategy

  • Release date:2022-11-28  14:32
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  • High quality development reflects the economic and social level and core competitiveness of industries and enterprises of a region. Since the beginning of this year, efforts have been made in Haiyan to strive for high-quality development, implement high quality-driven development strategies and strengthen local advantages in quality to enhance the quality of local products, projects, services and environment , etc.

    If you visit EST ( Eversharp Tool Co., Ltd.) you can find neat and tidy workshops, where lines of automatic equipment producing cutting tools is in rapid operation. In this company, each cutting tool is produced after it goes through 23 production processes. The success of EST comes from its high-quality products. As Haiyan’s only winner of “Quality Award of People’s Government of Zhejiang”, EST has played a leading role in setting 15 national or industrial standards and has had more than 20 patents for invention. Nowadays, many of its products are good sellers in foreign and domestic markets such as precision milling cutters, gear rolling cutters and broaching cutters, and their market shares rank the first in domestic markets and takes the lead in global markets. In 2021, the output value of the company reached 510 million yuan.

    Besides EST, the county has guided and helped many other leading enterprises to realize high-quality development. Up to now, 28 local enterprises have been nominated as the winners of or have won “Quality Award of People’s Government of Haiyan”; six won “Quality Award of Mayor of Jiaxing” and “Innovation Award”, and one won “Quality Award of People’s Government of Zhejiang”.

    In order to further enhance the quality of products, services, projects and environment, etc., the county has taken measures to improve the quality of brands, encourage more enterprises to strive for the right to use the brand “Zhejiang Made” and establish incentive mechanisms on quality. Up to now, the county has participated in setting and revising 434 standards, including 3 international standards, 182 national standards and 166 industrial standards, and played a leading role in setting 25 standards for “Zhejiang Made”. 29 enterprises have been authorized to use “Zhejiang Made”. Generally, Haiyan’s major products and advantageous industries have been up to the standards of “Zhejiang Made” and a large number of enterprises have got the qualification to use this brand.

    If people trust what they eat and use and feel satisfied with their housing, it means our work on improving quality of products, services, etc., has been accepted and recognized by them. Now, when you walk into the market, you can find small smart screens before stands. The screens are used to show the prices and classifications of goods and for consumers to trace the sources of the goods by scanning QR codes such as where and when those goods were purchased.

    It is very important to ensure the quality of products, services, etc. concerning people’s life. Since the beginning of the year, the county has organized “Quality Month”- a campaign on quality improvement, strengthened the supervision over the quality of agricultural products, enhanced people’s awareness on quality of products, services, etc., and established a sound supervision and management system for the quality of projects. The data show that new industrial product output grows by 3.9% year on year; the quality of all new projects are up to the standard after being checked and accepted before their operation; 98.88% of main agricultural products are up to the standards according to provincial quality supervisions; all essential drugs are up to the standard in accordance with sampling. In summary, the county has made stable and remarkable progress in improving the quality of products, projects, services and environment. In 2021, the county was praised for its efforts in quality improvement and intellectual property protection by the provincial government. In the future, the county will continue to attach importance to the quality of products, services, projects and environment, and fix more attention on the supervision over products, services, environment,etc., especially over those concerning the aged, babies, infants and primary and secondary school students, and over rural consumer markets to ensure the high quality of products, services, environments, projects, etc.

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