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  • A profile of Collie

    With an area of 1,685 square kilometers and a population of about 10,000, Shire of Collie is located in the southwest region of Western Australia and is about 200 kilometers away from the state capital Perth and 58 kilometers from the central city Banbury. 78% of its area is covered by forests. In 883, coal mines were discovered here and the shire was founded in1961. It has been designated as one of the state’s super towns, which will play an important role in attracting more people to settle; its population is expected to rise to 15,500 in the next 20 years, according to the development plan of the government of the state of Western Australian.

    Friendly exchanges between Haiyan and Collie

    At the invitation of the Development Committee of Southwest District of Western Australia, a delegation of officials and businesspersons of Jiaxing paid a six-week visit to this district from October 27 to December 5, 2015. Chen Jianjun from Haiyan was one of the delegation members. On November 4, Mr. Chen visitedCollie with the help of the Development Committee of Southwest District.Both parties reached a preliminary intention for further cooperation and exchanges.On April 25 and 26, 2016, Zhang Jian, head of Haiyan then, visited Collie with a delegation. Both parties signed a “Memorandum of Understanding”,according to which, Haiyan was twinned with Collie, and a consensus was reached by both parties on exchanges and cooperation in tourism, education, agriculture, culture, etc. In February 2020, Sarah Stanley, head of Collie, wrote a letter to Haiyan to express her care for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 of Haiyan. On February 17, Wang Suisshe, head of Haiyan, wrote back to Collie, expressing his thanks. At the request of Collie, Haiyan donated 4,000 disposable medical masks to Collie on April 10.On May 4, a letter of thanksfrom Collie for the donation of the face masks expressedits desire of further exchanges between two parties.

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