Tomi Oka-Tyo

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  • A profile of Tomi Oka-Tyo

    With an area of 68.46 square kilometers and a population of 16,000, Tomi Oka-Tyo is located in Hama Tori, Fushima-ken, on the eastern coast of the Pacific Ocean. Being 200 kilometers away from Tokyo, it is an important nuclear power base of Japan and developed in agriculture especially in forestry, animal husbandry and mariculture. Small and medium-sized enterprises are its main industry. Being hit severely by the tsunami and nuclear leaks triggered by the earthquake of March 11, 2011, now all of its residents are still taking refuge outside.

    Friendly exchanges between Haiyan and Tomi Oka-Tyo

    In both Haiyan and Tomi Oka-Tyo, there are nuclear power plants established. Invited by International Liaison Department of Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions in October 1992, a ten-member delegation led by head of Tomi Oka-Tyo visited Haiyan, which started the friendly exchanges between two parties. Approved by Department of Foreign Affairs of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, Haiyan signed an agreement with Tomi Oka-Tyoon on friendly exchanges in June 1995, after which, 24 groups of 172 people from Haiyan visited Tomi Oka-Tyo, and 19 groups of 477 people from Tomi Oka-Tyo visited Haiyan for the exchanges on government affairs, culture, education and science popularization of nuclear power. Besides, two civil servants of Haiyan were dispatched to Tomi Oka-Tyo for short-term training.

    After being struck by Typhoon No. 17, Haiyan received 100,000-yen donation from Tomi Oka-Tyo, and after the earthquake hit Tomi Oka-Tyo on March 11, 2011, Haiyan donated 100,000-yuan. Friendly exchanges provide government officials, ordinary citizens and teenagers with opportunities to get to know each other and strengthen their friendship.

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