Full Efforts Made in Yucheng to Construct the Demonstration Belt of Common Prosperity

  • Release date:2022-11-02  12:58
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  • Industrial revitalization is the foundation of rural revitalization, and cultural revitalization is the soul of rural revitalization. Both are key to common prosperity. Guided by the Party building, Yucheng, a town of Haiyan, has endeavored to strengthen industrial high-quality development as well as industrial and cultural development in recent years to boost agricultural and rural development and promote the demonstration belt construction of common prosperity.

    In terms of financial support, more money has been spent on characteristic industries such as breeding shrimps in paddy fields and growing the grape Shine Muscat and issued preferential policies in favor of enterprises. In Jiangwei, a village of Yucheng, a discussion on people’s livelihood was launched not long ago. The members of the CPPCC members at the province, city and county levels and the representatives of the masses discussed how to boost agricultural and rural development and the demonstration belt construction of common prosperity by driving industrial and cultural development. The participants made heated discussions and put forward reasonable suggestions on how to play the role of integration of industrial and cultural development.

    Yan Xuliang, a farmer of Yucheng, grows grapes, mainly “Shine Muscat” and “Seedless No. Four” in about more than 8,000 square meters. Nowadays growing grapes has become an agricultural “golden industry” and the breeding of blue shrimps a “golden brand” of Yucheng. In 2021, the Whole-industry-chain Demonstration Project for Blue Shrimps Breeding was introduced to Yucheng, which is engaged in the scientific research, shrimps breeding, aquatic products sales and deep processing, and agricultural travel. The project has attracted a large number of farmers to breed shrimps in the paddy fields in the form of “company plus base plus farmer”.

    This year, a “1+2+7+X” project framework in Jiangwei, Bazi and Sanlian (three villages) will be constructed, consisting of one center, two major industries, seven key projects and several supporting facilities. For this project framework, much work will be done to upgrade Niuqiao Wharf and the industrial belt entrance, promote the Party building of Bazi Grape Cooperative, improve the appearances of buildings and the environment of rivers’ banks, and construct Caiyuanzi Wharf, the bases and service stations for the rice-shrimp industry, the service centers for the industrial belt of common prosperity, sightseeing routes, greenways and cycling routes and the service facilities for visitors to have a rest, transfer vehicles, etc. to build an integrated tourism industrial belt for sightseeing, agricultural science popularity, farming culture experience, rural travel, entertainment, etc.

    In the future, this town will integrate agricultural and cultural development, attract more farmers to participate in the demonstration belt construction of common prosperity, create a new group-based development mode and build a rural model of common prosperity.

    At the beginning of this year, the video of Yucheng’s Spring Festival Gala 2022 was recorded in the Cultural Auditorium of Jiangwei. It is the first artistic performance held in this newly built cultural auditorium. More than 80 performers danced, sang and acted in operas, fully demonstrating the achievements in the construction of rural cultural auditoriums in a comprehensive way and mirroring the happy life of the rural areas of the new era.

    In recent years, Yucheng has integrated its cultural resources into people’s life to provide the people with popular cultural feasts, and committed itself to developing culture industry. In the future, the town will build a new culture landmark (Chuangku Cultural Industry Park 1953), display and develop the products and skills of intangible culture heritages such as bamboo woven products and Chigao (a local cake), set up e-commerce live-streaming platforms, guide and cultivate online operation and promotion modes to inspire economic development. The town has organized such cultural activities as grapes picking, dragon dancing and catching and cooking blue shrimps, issued industrial logos and cultural IP and strengthened the reputation, attraction and influence of cultural brands with the help of videos, pamphlets and various news media to enhance cultural power and culture-tourism integration and support common prosperity.

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