Brief introduction to Wuyuan Sub-district

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  •   Wu Yuan Subdistrict, with a history of nearly 1300 years, is located in the east of Haiyan County, at the north shore of Hangzhou bay. It was in November 2010 that the Township government was replaced by sub-district. Wu Yuan covers an area of 88.33 square kilometers, with a population of 153 thousand and 3 hundred, of whom 39 thousand and 8 hundred are new residents, 21 community resident committees and 17 administrative villages under it.

      Wu Yuan has made great progress in developing its regional economy. Wu Yuan has 1650 enterprises, among which 169 are above designated size, and they distribute mainly in five pillar industries--food processing, papermaking, chemical fiber, hardware & standard parts, and textile & garment. In recent years, through investment, project promotion and platform construction, and effective investment, the industrial economy strength of Wu Yuan has improved significantly, with the GDP ranked the first for a couple consecutive years among eight towns of Hai Yan County. Especially in 2009, the establishment of a new economic development zone covering 70000 square kilometers gives a new impetus to Wuyuan. The new zone which developed in line with the concept of one industrial zone, one professional market and one new town, has provided an ideal platform for Wuyuan Sub-district.

      Wuyuan adheres to the principle of developing its agriculture with its own characteristics. Its grape growing exceeds 7000 acres, among top 10 grape growing towns (sub-districts) in Zhejiang Province. The brand of "Chunyuan" has passed the national green food certification, named "Zhonghua Mingguo" a national title and a famous brand in Jiaxing. The Grape Culture Festival held in 2007 and 2010 has put the grape of Wuyuan on the map. In recent years, through the land transfer and measures to strengthen the agricultural infrastructure and agricultural services system, agriculture in Wuyuan developed with characteristics of large scale, specialization and industrialization.

      The urban and rural construction have been conducted in order. According to the current economic and social development, with the "1+X" layout plan of village and town and the principle of "two separation and two changes", Wuyuan has adjusted its plan to establish 5 new towns and 6 new rural resident communities. With the implementing of Ten-Hundred Project, Wuyuan has achieved its overall goal of developing economy, obtaining better-off life, improving the custom, cleansing the environment of villages and democratic administration.

      Social undertakings develop fast and social security system improves constantly. Coverage of pension insurance in both urban and rural areas increases too. Greater effort has been made to support vulnerable groups by implementing "Health Project", perfecting the new type of social assistance system and effectively improving the living standards of people in financial difficulties.

      Wuyuan has made great achievement in developing cultural and sports undertakings. In 2008, the former Wuyuan Town was named the town with unique cultural features. It also has conducted surveys of intangible cultural heritage and was awarded the title of advanced town in the survey of intangible cultural heritage. Public health service system has gradually been established further strengthening food and drug supervision work. In 2009 Wuyuan was awarded by the Jiaxing Municipal Government the “clean town”. Wuyuan is striding to build itself a clean town of national level and a garden-like town of a national level so to raise the image of Wuyuan.

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