Brief introduction to Shendang Town

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  •   Shendang Town is in the west of Haiyan County. Located on the north shore of Hangzhou Bay, 25 km away from Jiaxing city, with Hangzhou-Zapu and Shaoxing-Jiaxing two highways connected to Shendang Town, and with both Jiaxing Nanbei Lake Road and the water channel from Jiaxing to Nanbei Lake across the town, it enjoys convenience in both water and land transportation. This town with a resident population of 35000, 11 administratuve villages, 1 community committee, covers an area of 65.99 square kilometers. Shendang has a long history. It was first set up in 222 BC. Historically, it is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, characteristics of rivers and lakes, and simple and plain folk custom.

      Recent years, in line with the scientific concept of development, great effort has been taken to develop the local economy and help the local people with their business, as a result, the social environment has been optimized and stabilized. Shendang Town has a series of names as the Key Town, Advanced Town in education, sport, science publicity, and culture.

      Shendang Town has three major industries of auto parts, paper making & paper products and building materials, of which 63 companies' annual output value is over 5000,000 RMB and 7 companies' annual output value is over 1000,000,000 RMB. It has an industrial zone of 6.11 square kilometers, with comprehensive infrastructure and supporting facilities. Furthermore, there is a specially designed service center providing one-stop service for investors. This Zone has been awarded top 20 in Jiaxing for 4 years and was listed as the first batch of economic development zone in Jiaxing. The Innovation Center in the Industrial Zone has been approved as the provincial SME business base.

      Shendang Town has made great effort in helping the leading business groups and building bases to strengthen services, as a result, agriculture in this town has made quick progress in restructuring, with the rising popularity for pollution-free vegetables, high-quality rice and pigs raising. The driving effect of leading businesses is fully exploited to help vegetable grower to get rich , take Wanhao Food Company as an example, whose dehydrated vegetable products are not exported to all over China, but also to Europe, North America and Japan.

      Policy of coordinating development has been implemented and the investing and living environment has been optimized.

      Social undertaking in Shendang Town develops along with the fast growing economy. Two projects-- a cultural construction program termed as "851" and a cultural construction program focusing on 9 aspects in rural area--has helped build a culture and sports center with updated facilities. The educational environment has been optimized with one junior high school, two primary schools and one adult vocational school listed as provincial model school. The newly completed Shendang Hospital has been put into use and measures have been taken to strengthen community health services. Efforts also have been made to promote the construction of a civilized town, with 1 provincial civilized unit, 6 metropolitan civilized units, and 22 civilized villages, as a result, the ethical standards of the mass level has improved dramatically. Shendang Town has also been awarded the town of credit. Progress has been made in building social security system, cooperative medical insurance, and social pension, so to improve People's livelihood significantly. Steady progress also has been made in building a "peaceful Shendang Town", in line with legal system building and the building of a harmonious society proposed by the central government, with the town awarded by the municipal government consecutively as a peaceful town.

      At a new start, it is expected that this town will be much better with the theme of “industry supporting the town, infrastructure making it beautiful and harmony rejuvenating the town”.

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