The App of the Future Factory of “Digital and Intelligent Qinglian” Honored as One of the Best Digital Reforms of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2022-11-17  10:29
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  • Not long ago, the list of “The Best Series of Achievements” in Digital Reform of Zhejiang 2022 was released, and the app of the future factory “Digital and Intelligent Qinglian” was on the list.

    Since the beginning of this year, Qinglian Food Co., Ltd., has accelerated efforts in the digitization of industrial chains, developed the app of the future factory “Digitized and Intelligent Qinglian” and taken a new digitized agricultural development road integrating the green chain, digital and intelligent industrial chains.

    The “Digital and Intelligent Qinglian” is made up of “a kernel database” covering the data of shops, customers, purchases and sales of the company, and four application scenes: “Cloud Pasture”, “Digital and Intelligent Factory”, “Circulation Systems” and “Users”. In the Yangtze River Delta, the food of this company can be ordered and produced on the same day, and delivered to consumers next day, which fully demonstrates the charm of the digitized reform of traditional industries.

    Now the achievements made by the “Digital and Intelligent Qinglian” has been publicized by “Top Runners”, a province-level magazine of Zhejiang, and became Haiyan’s first reform introduced by this magazine and was presented at the Digitized Reform Conference of Zhejiang. It is known that “Top Runners” is the most authoritative magazine of Zhejiang to introduce reform experiences to provide the best case for the overall reforms of Zhejiang.

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