Haiyan’s Two Villages Identified as Top 100 Winners of the First “Gold Wing Award” of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2022-10-05  10:46
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  • Not long ago, the list of Zhejiang’s Digital Villages, i.e. the winners of the first winners of “Golden Wing Award” of Zhejiang was released. Haiyan’s two villages Xueshuigang and Jiangwei were included into top 100 winners.

    It is reported that the Award selection was launched in June 2021. Top 10 counties (county-level cities and districts) for their digital villages, top 10 application scenes and top 100 villages as excellent cases were selected from 11 prefecture-level cities, 100 application scenes and 10,000 villages of Zhejiang.

    Guided by the Party building, Xueshuigang has explored digital governance, consolidated the industrial foundation and gathered development forces in recent years and has taken a coordinated development road characteristic of “building a beautiful village, increasing people’s wealth, promoting industry prosperity and establishing harmonious relationships among people and created a “Xueshuigang Example” in rural revitalization with the characteristics of the south regions of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This village has introduced such digital application scene projects as the incubation park of smart agriculture, smart garbage classification, digital prevention of water pollution, smart library and smart service for the aged and has built a future rural smart management platform based on digital resources. This platform integrates the functions of the Party building, social governance, cultural tourism and living environment as well as the systems of “hypertension and diabetes control and prevention” and “smart garbage classification” to improve rural intelligent management and provide self-services and convenient services for villagers and tourists.

    In Jiangwei, digital scenes have laid a solid foundation for rural revitalization. Based on the application scenes of the digital Party building, this village integrates the information of the Party’s service centers, Party members’ families and industries of the scenic areas and spots to promote the construction of digital Party organizations at the community level, strengthen the cohesion of the Party organizations and play Party members’ exemplary roles to attract more people to participate in rural revitalization.

    Based on the digital application scenes, this village has intensified efforts to develop future industrial projects such as blue lobster breeding, indoor fish breeding of Zhejiang Beiming Yule Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., optimize the layout of the village, inherit local dragon dance culture, expand the influence of the culture of local famous people and organize folk customs activities like “Spring Gala of Our Village” to build a distinctive scenic village. The village has upgraded many sports facilities such as the basketball court with the help of facial recognition technologies and Internet technologies to enable villagers to participate in sports within 15 minutes’ walk; the village has taken measures to encourage volunteer services, created new service platforms like “Voluntary Service plus Workshop” and “Voluntary Service Sharing” for dispute resolution, partner assistance, etc. Till now this village has won many province-level honorary titles, for example, “Characteristic Quality Village”, “Model Livable Village”, “Model Village of Good Governance”.

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