Efforts Intensified in Haiyan to Improve the System of Data Resources to Promote Common Prosperity

  • Release date:2022-10-28  12:54
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  • Since 2021, Haiyan has intensified efforts to construct the system of data resources, break the data barriers of different departments concerned and make more information and services available online to citizens so that people can receive online public services without going out to the service center offline for the public services any more. Six apps have operated online at the Service Net of Government Affairs of Zhejiang such as “After-class service of Haiyan”, “Health Haiyan”, “Intelligent Enterprises”, “Water-related Services of Haiyan”, “QR Code for Veterans” and “Smart Caring for the Aged”, all of which have greatly satisfied people.

    The app “After-class service of Haiyan” is developed by Education Bureau of Haiyan to respond to “lightening students’ burdens of homework and after-school training in compulsory education period” and to people’s needs. It is an after-class education app integrating the resources of families, schools and social organizations. This April, the Data Office of Government Affairs of Haiyan and Bureau of Education of Haiyan jointly developed this app and operated it online, which has settled such problems as the inefficiency of the supply of quality after-class services, barriers preventing out-of-school education resources entering schools, ignorance of students’ personalized development and low work efficiency of the government departments concerned.

    Last September, Data Office of Government Affairs of Haiyan assisted Bureau of Health of Haiyan with developing the app “Health Haiyan”, which has brought great convenience to citizens so that they can enjoy intelligent medical treatment in an easier way and will not go to the hospital for their medical records and medical examination reports any more. Since the beginning of the year, citizens can search their information of vaccine injections and nucleic acid testing results through “Yanyi QR Code” after it has been perfected and upgraded by this data office, remarkably improving the covid-19 prevention and control efficiency in public places.

    The Service Net of Government Affairs of Zhejiang enjoys a sea of data and digits. It is difficult to build and operate online the information system of the government affairs in a traditional way and difficult to know what resources need sharing, reusing, processing and getting rid of because all kinds of resources like data, intelligent components and computers are owned by different organizations and departments. In 2021, the digitization reform started in Zhejiang and every county now has built an integrated intelligent platform of public data. Based on IRS, the county has guided the government departments concerned to collect, catalog and share data to improve the data resource system. Additionally, the efforts have been made to avoid repeated construction of the projects that are in operation at the municipal and provincial levels.

    Since 2021, the county has improved the integrated and intelligent public data platform, strengthened its functions and applied it in more fields to make it endogenous driving forces for high-quality development.

    This public data platform is the core of the digitization reform and the foundation to ensure that the data are the endogenous driving forces of the high-quality development. In the days to come, the county will advise regularly the departments (organizations) concerned of the operation information of this platform to support data sharing and common prosperity, urge the departments (organizations) concerned to keep safe the data and accelerate the construction of data application scenes of the whole county.

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