Characteristic Brands Built in Haiyan for Law Popularity

  • Release date:2022-10-18  12:50
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  • The second list of the projects of “Six-Excellent-Aspect” Law Popularization Improvement Action Plan was released a few days ago, including four of Haiyan: Yuejia Society Work Firm, “Dujuan Sister Studio” of People’s Procuratorate of Haiyan, “Law-based Governance of School for Future Education” of Xiangyang Primary School, and the law popularization LOGO “Yanyi Law Study” and its derivatives. Now they have become famous law popularization brands with the characteristics of Haiyan.

    As a nonprofit organization of the law popularization, Yuejia Society Work Firm has adhered to the social service concept “taking the people as the center, and helping others meaning self-help” to provide professional social services for females, children and families, solve their difficulties, and actively implemented and publicized “Anti-Domestic Violence Law of People’s Republic of China” to create a good social atmosphere for harmonious families.

    Based on “Dujuan Sister Studio”, People’s Procuratorate of Haiyan has taken measures in recent years to strengthen the judicial protection of minors, care for and help them and prevent them from breaking the law, worked closely with all walks of life to safeguard teenagers’ rights and interests and create a harmonious and favorable social environment to ensure their healthy growth. This studio has set up a service team, constructed a law popularization base for juveniles, carried out law popularization education in special groups, built a much closer relationship with juveniles and put into practice the work concept “Health and Hope”.

    Xiangyang Primary School has carried out the law popularization project “Law-based governance of school for future education” with the theme of “cherishing life, giving priority to growth and providing legal protection”, organized legal education-themed class meetings, given play to the role the course “Morality and Rule of Law” and organized various law-centered activities such as speech contests with the theme of rule of law, law studies and parents’ participation in law popularization education to improve this school’s rule of law.

    In recent years, the county has been implementing citizens’ lifelong legal education, helping citizens form the habit of abiding by the law, putting into practice rule of law, encouraged more citizens to participate in building Haiyan into a county of rule of law and helped them realize the significance of constructing the county of rule of law and further strengthen their sense of studying and applying the law. The county has created the law popularization brand “Yanyi Law Study” as well as derivatives, and now it has become a famous brand of rule of law with Haiyan’s characteristics.

    The brand “Yanyi Law Study” is made up of the pictures of the piers of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, two capitalized letters H and Y and two tides on the blue background, indicating the brand serves as a bridge between citizens and the idea of rule of law.

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