An Ethnic Dance Contest Organized for the 20th National Congress of the CPC

  • Release date:2022-10-17  12:58
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  • Several days ago, the closing evening party for the Publicity Month 2022 of the Community Awareness of Chinese Nation & Ethnic Dance Contest was held in Wanghai, a sub-district of Haiyan.

    The county will take this contest as an opportunity to improve “Pomegranate Seed Studio” and service and publicity teams to tell the stories on unity, struggles and good deeds, integrate unity, progress and joint struggles into the daily life of the people of all ethnic groups in a tangible and effective way, and make friendship and mutual assistance vivid and beautiful scenery of Haiyan.

    Nine teams from each town and sub-district presented their wonderful folk dance performances for the audience.

    Since the beginning of the year, the county has taken strengthening the community awareness of Chinese nation as main work, promoted the national unity brand “Yantu Shiliuhong” and implemented the “1+N" project to demonstrate the happy, rich and harmonious life of the people of different ethnic groups in Haiyan. Now this brand has been featured by Haiyan’s characteristics.

    In the future, the county will continue to enhance the brand and the cohesion of the people of all ethnic groups in the county to strengthen the community awareness of Chinese nation, further consolidate and develop the situation of harmony, joint struggles and mutual development of all ethnic groups and break new ground for Haiyan’s ethnic work.

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