The 30th Anniversary of the Death of Zhang Leping Held in Haiyan

  • Release date:2022-10-17  12:56
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  • The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the death of Chinese cartoonist Zhang Leping. Several days ago, Haiyan held the opening ceremony “Keeping Childlike---A Cartoon Exhibition for the 30th Anniversary of the Death of Zhang Leping” at Zhang Leping Memorial Hall to recall Zhang Leping, “Father of Sanmao”.

    During 60 years, Zhang Leping created thousands of cartoons, most of which are children-themed. The image “Sanmao” he created has influenced generations of Chinese readers, so he is known as the “Father of Sanmao”. 50 cartoons are exhibited this time, involving children’s paintings, Anti-Japanese War cartoons, New Year pictures, sketches, watercolor paintings, etc., from which visitors can have an in-depth understanding of Zhang Leping, of his description of children’s life, his super talent and his love of children.

    Zhang Leping was born in Haiyan. As the “Hometown of Sanmao”, the county has constructed Zhang Leping Memorial Hall, Sanmao Paradise and Sanmao Primary School, held six “Sanmao Cup” national cartoon contests and established the first children’s cartoon base in China to improve the popularity of “Sanmao” and “Hometown of Cartoons” and has taken a cultural development road with the characteristics of the era and the characteristics of Haiyan.

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