A Three-Year Action Plan Made in Haiyan to Improve Service Industry

  • Release date:2022-10-17  10:41
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  • Several days ago, Haiyan County worked out “Three-Year Action Plan for Enhancing Haiyan’s Service Industry (2022-2024)” (hereinafter referred to as “Action Plan”) to implement “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Service Industry of Haiyan”, further improve top ten key industries, expand the service industry and enhance its quality.

    According to the “Action Plan”, the county will further implement “433” Action to enhance the service industry quality, expand and strengthen the supply capability of nuclear power services, modern logistics, sci-tech services, financial services, business and trade services, people’s livelihood services, tourism industry, e-commerce, digital information technologies and cultural industries, drive producer services such as nuclear power, modern logistics, sci-tech services and financial and commercial services to move to the higher end of the value chain, improve the quality and diversity of consumer services such as business and trade services, people’s livelihood services and tourism, vigorously develop emerging service industries such as e-commerce, digital information technologies and cultural industries. By 2024, a number of comprehensive and professional industrial agglomeration areas and industrial clusters will come into being with distinctive characteristics and outstanding advantages; modern service industry will become an important engine for local economic growth with the significant improvement of its structure and influence.

    According to the “Action Plan”, the industrial structure and development quality will be enhanced. Efforts will be intensified to increase the added value of the tertiary industry in the GDP by more than 1 percentage point annually, make the growth of the service industry be two percentage points higher than that of the GDP, the value added of the tertiary industry account for 43% of the GDP by 2024 and the value added of modern services account for 45% of that of the service industry and create more jobs by developing the tertiary industry; the county will take measures to ensure service tax revenues of the service industry account for 33% the whole tax revenue of the county, and employees in the service industry account for 43% of the total. Additionally, the county will optimize the allocation of resources and improve agglomeration capacity of resources. By 2024, the agglomeration capacity and comprehensive service capacity of the service industry will be improved in all aspects. Every year, more supports will be provided for the top-end the service industry project with a large investment and strong driving force to strengthen the development potential of the service industry.

    In order to further promote consumption, the county will continue to issue incentive policies to stimulate consumption potential and vitality, expand domestic demands, activate business economy, create a favorable business atmosphere, strengthen the capability of market entities, vigorously develop nighttime economy, introduce more new types of consumer businesses able to attract a large number of consumers, create new consumption fields, plan and organize various online and offline consumer activities to stimulate consumer market.

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