Effective Measures Made in Haiyan to Create Quality Education Environment

  • Release date:2022-10-13  10:40
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  • In the new school year, Haiyan’s eight new schools have been put into use.

    As one of those eight schools, Haixing School of Haiyan Experimental High School was constructed in September 2020. It is located on the west of Haisha School of Xiangyang Primary School, on the south of Chuangye Road, on the east Chengdong Road and on the north of Guanjiabang. Covering an area of about 42,000 square meters, and being able to provide education for 1,800 students, the School names its buildings and roads with the Chinese character  “正” (meaning upright, honest), indicating the School intensifies efforts to train students to be high-quality, upright and well-behaved.

    Located on the west of Changning Road, Mosang Kindergarten looks like a colorful fairy tale world. With interior walls of its classrooms being blue and white and the tables and chairs of original wood color being neatly placed, the school is an ideal place for children to play together happily. It has six classrooms used for art creation, scientific inquiries and reading, or as resource storage, kitchenettes, etc., and a multifunctional hall of more than 300 square meters to promote children’s all-round development. Operated by Wanlu Kindergarten, the Kindergarten covers an area of approximately 9,667 square meters and is large enough for the teaching activities of 15 classes. Various educational activities can be organized based on its facilities in outdoor game venues, hanging gardens, etc.

    Besides the two schools mentioned above, there are six new public kindergartens put into operation in this new school year: Guanhai Branch of Haiyan Experimental Kindergarten, Wanghai Experimental Kindergarten, Sanmao Kindergarten, Kindergarten of Haiyan Economic Development Zone, Kindergarten of Baibu Economic Development Zone and Qijia Central Kindergarten.

    In recent years, the county has placed education at a strategic position of priority, intensified efforts to achieve the goals of educational modernization and high-quality development to  continuously satisfy people’s needs, and increased investment in education and especially in the construction of education infrastructure. The construction of education projects has made balanced progress, which has created a good environment for students’ development in all aspects, promoted the balanced development of urban and rural compulsory education and enhanced the reputation of the local education brand “Excellent Schooling in Haiyan”.

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