Countless Tourists Attracted to Beautiful Haiyan during National Day Holidays

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  • During the National Day holidays this year, a great number of tourists flooded into the Sea View Garden of Haiyan to enjoy the sunrise, South-north Lake Scenic Area to pick oranges, Qiyuan Garden to appreciate splendid cultures and cinemas to see revolutionary films.

    It was a good choice to go to the Sea View Garden of Haiyan to watch the sunrise during the National Day holidays this year. So many tourists had come to the Yulin Seawall of the Sea View Garden before five in the morning on the first day to watch the sunrise, sitting on the ground or standing behind handrails to wait for the rise of the sun. At 5:50, the sun rose slowly over the sea and across the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, dyeing the sky and sea surface blonde and creating a wonderful landscape. The sunrise was a beautiful scene, so were tourists, who came here with their families or friends and wasted no time to take the photos of the landscape with their smart phones at the sight of the rise of the sun.

    Lots of tourists strolled in the Huangshawu Orange Orchard of the South-north Lake Scenic Area with blue sky, fresh air and warm wind of autumn. What they saw was all oranges, especially those early-maturing ones ---Youliang Orange ever praised as follows by Su Dongpo, an eminent writer in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), “The time when oranges mature is the best of a year”. Ganpu, a town of Haiyan, is honored as “Hometown of Oranges of North Zhejiang” for its 800-year history of growing oranges. In recent years, the town has introduced more than ten new varieties of oranges which can be picked from Mid September to December every year by tourists, prospering local tourism. A new scenic spot Beili Lake Wetland in the South-north Lake Scenic Area has been put into operation since this July, and has attracted a lot of tourists, where they can read books or stroll during holidays.

    In addition, the Qiyuan Garden was also a scenic area popular with tourists and citizens for its quiet environment in urban areas during the National Day holidays. They could appreciate fluting here. On the smooth lake surface near Linbo Water Pavilion, a flute player stood on a black-awning boat playing the flute, which was like an attractive wash painting, intoxicating tourists with melodious fluting in those charming scenes and attracting them to stop to take photos from time to time. In Yufu Bookstore, several tourists spent their holiday on playing chess happily, and in Haiyan Museum the itinerant photo exhibition with name of “Red Boat Set Sail Here---the Communist Party of China in Zhejiang (1921-2049)” was organized to create opportunities for tourists and citizens to learn the history of the CPC.

    During the holidays of the National Day, the films “The Battle at Lake Changjin” and “My Elder Generation and I” were shown across the country, and in Haiyan a large number of citizens were attracted to Xinyi Cinema.

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