“One-Stop Enterprise Service Center” Established in Haiyan

  • Release date:2019-07-25  08:55
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  • Several days ago, the founding ceremony of “One-Stop Enterprise Service Center” was held in the Service Center of Haiyan Government Affairs Data Office.  

    In response to enterprises’ requests, “One-Stop Enterprise Service Center” as a channel to contact enterprises has been established to settle enterprises’ problems by clicking mice at home. The enterprises of the whole county are able to obtain governments’ services through this center. It is also a crucial measure to optimize local business environment. In order to better drive the upgrading of enterprises, accelerate the settlement of enterprises’ problems, this center is to publicize policies and help enterprises settle their problems online and offline. In addition, this county will perfect the system that county leaders and government departments are in liaison with enterprises and include the problems concerning “Three Services” into “One-Stop Enterprise Service Center”. This service center will provide policy consultations, services, sciences, technologies and talents for enterprises, lodge complaints concerning collecting fees and fines against rules and laws and wrong administrative behaviors, help enterprises overcome their difficulties and problems in their production, operation and development, give enterprises suggestions directly impacting production, operation and development, economic development and industrial structure adjustment. 

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