Efforts Made in Haiyan for the High-Quality Construction of Healthy Haiyan

  • Release date:2019-12-25  09:07
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  • Haiyan has issued the “Leadership Team and Office Responsibilities for Building a Healthy City” “Work Regulations on Building a Healthy City” and “Implementation Plan for Building a Healthy City 2018-2020” to push forward the smooth construction of healthy Haiyan. In addition, the county has sped up the construction of the medical union and established two medical treatment groups to integrate the management, benefit, responsibility, information and culture to share medical treatment resources and further improve medical treatment, insurance and medicine.

    The reform of people’s access to governments’ services has been further deepened to optimize the medical treatment procedure, integrate electric health cards and medical insurance cards, drive the establishment of the medical union, achieve tiered diagnosis and treatment, attract more patients to receive medical treatment in Haiyan, integrate local medical treatment into that of the whole Yangtze River Delta, inspire local hospitals to attract Shanghai and Hangzhou’s medical resources to enable local people to enjoy high-quality medical treatment services in Haiyan, equalize public health services and make progress in signing the medical treatment service contract with family doctors to provide considerate medical treatment services.

    The county has set up nine psychological service centers in towns and 116 centers in villages and communities in the whole county to promote people’s physical and psychological health. In terms of living environment improvement, the county has made marvelous achievements: no worse environment pollution accident has happened, and the ecological quality has made steady improvement. The water quality of the drinking water source Qianmudang is up to the standard; the air quality index ranks the first in Jiaxing; the county wins the honor of Excellent County for its contribution to the construction of beautiful Zhejiang. 

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