Jiaxing & Haiyan Lifelong Learning Week Opens for All Citizens

  • Release date:2019-11-04  14:11
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  • Jiaxing and Haiyan Lifelong Learning Week kicked off in Haiyan for All Citizens. With the theme “Advocating lifelong learning, Serving ‘Eight Eight Strategies’” and the targets “promoting lifelong learning and perfecting lifelong education systems”, the Learning Week organized various activities of abundant contents to meet people’s lifelong learning and deepen the construction of learning-oriented society.

    The county has been establishing a perfect community education management system characteristic of “led by Party committee, coordinated by governments, cooperated by the society and attended by the public”. So far, three levels of community education systems have been set up and tended to be more perfect, and the integrated community education development outline of the whole county has come into being and made great achievements in promoting people’ lifelong learning. In 2017, Haiyan was honored as the “Model Learning-Oriented City of Zhejiang” and in 2019 honored as “The Fifth Batch of National-level Model Counties in Rural Vocational Education and Adult Education.”

    In the process of pushing forward lifelong learning for all, the county has set up a large number of examples and models in lifelong learning and a favorable learning environment of “competing, learning, chasing and exceeding”. “Happy Reading” won the honor “National Lifelong Learning Brand” in 2017, and “Haiyan Community Education School” won the honor “National Excellent Institute of Adult Education” in 2018. Six units of Haiyan won the honor “Municipal Lifelong Learning Experience Hall” such as Bu Xinsheng Memorial and seven mass organizations won the honor “Municipal Happy Learning Mass Organization” like Hanfen Reading Team.

    This county has implemented “One Project, One Town” for lifelong learning and fostered such characteristic provincial and municipal-level lifelong education brands and adult education brands as “Veteran Training”, “Nuclear Power Talents Training”, “Lectures for New Farmers” and “Colorful Classes” for the elderly, and held education activities in rural culture halls to improve farmers’ quality, enrich them and facilitate rural revitalization.

    Since 2015, the county has held “Lifelong Learning Week” every year, and now it has become a platform for lifelong learning for all, learning-oriented society construction and people’s integrated development, and is playing a forceful role in publicizing lifelong education, establishing lifelong learning concept, and inspiring social organizations and teams to participate in the education and all people to share learning resources. 

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