Building Haiyan into a Culturally Advanced City to Promote High-Quality Development

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  • Haiyan tends to be more charming. After starting the work “building a culturally advanced city (beautiful county seat construction)”, Haiyan has been endeavoring to build a beautiful, happy and elegant city among Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Ningbo in the support of scientific planning, high-standard construction, high-quality development and advanced management to demonstrate the image of Haiyan “an ancient county, a county of rivers, lakes and sea, and a seaside new city”. In May, Menghu Park was put into operation which used to be a backward urban village. In July, the organic renewal of the areas on the north of the Xinqiao Road came to an end ahead of three months and took on a new look. In September, Costal Avenue was open to traffic, which shortens the distance between the urban areas of the county and Haiyan Economic and Technological Development Zone, and links many scenic areas like the Seaside Park, Baiyanghe Wetland Park, Menghu Park...  

    Special efforts have been made to bring people more convenience. Based on the analysis of existing problems and weak points, this county made efforts in seven fields closely connected with social conditions, public opinions, people’s life etc. to consolidate the achievements in building a culturally advanced county. In enhancing the public place standard for a culturally advanced city, the county has taken measures to upgrade markets, catering industry, shopping malls and supermarkets according to standards. Take the catering industry as an example, measures have been made to integrate planning, disposal, systems building, strict law enforcement and scientific management to regulate catering industry standards, food (fire control) security management, strengthen catering industrial employees’ integrity awareness and optimize catering industrial structures to ensure food security.    

    The urban management focuses on details and long-term efficiency. The county has endeavored to normalize outdoor advertisement boards to make them tidy, attractive and in good order. Since this August, the county has started the construction of “Family Morality Index”. Nine towns will set up at least one model village (community) for good “Family Morality Index” this year and in future three years, each village (community) will construct good “Family Morality Index”. Currently, 114 residence quarters have been built into intelligent and safe ones, at the gates of which a vehicle check machine, face recognition system, MAC and RFID equipment have been installed to ensure residents’ security.

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