Haiyan Steps into 5G Era

  • Release date:2019-11-04  14:09
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  • Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony “5G Digital Haiyan” & News Conference for 5G’s Commercial Utilization in Haiyan was held several days ago, marking this county has begun to apply 5G technologies.

    As a standard for the fifth mobile communication technologies, 5G technologies are excellent in data transmission and energy conservation, low in cost, and strong in system capacity and connection with large-scale equipment. The 5G technologies provide users with high-speed access to Internet and link to equipment worth over 100 billion yuan, and the dream that “One touch gets information immediately available” will come true.   

    According to the strategic cooperation agreement of “5G Digital Haiyan”, Jiaxing Branch of China Mobile and Haiyan county will jointly push forward Haiyan’s information and communications industrial development and infrastructure construction. Jiaxing Branch will give full play to its advantages in mobile infrastructure construction, Internet and information services to boost “5G Digital Haiyan” construction. As planned, the 5G network will be available in main urban areas of the county before the end of December 2019, in main towns before the end of 2020 and in the whole county later. Jiaxing Branch of China Mobile and Haiyan county will jointly accelerate the application of 5G technologies in such fields as intelligent home decoration, tourism, education, traffic, security and agriculture, first apply 5G technologies in enterprises and industrial parks, explore 5G industrial development, and construct 5G industrial parks, intelligent factories, etc.

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