The South-north Lake Tour Prospers in Autumn of 2019

  • Release date:2019-11-15  08:58
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  • Since the beginning of this autumn, tourists streamed into the South-north Lake Scenic Area to attend colourful tourist activities such as picking citrus fruits and enjoying delicious mutton and beautiful scenery. The number of the tourists to this scenic area has totaled 940,000 since this September, according to statistics.     

    Traditional festival activities have been improved and the traditional mutton festival has been upgraded to a gourmet festival. On the basis of “Enjoying mutton and local wines” of the past mutton festival, the scenic area has established a food street for traditional gourmet foods and a culture and art block to integrate various tourism elements like delicious foods, charming scenes and games to endow the festival activities with new connotations. Besides, some new highlights and games appeared at this year’s hike and impressed tourists deeply, who can visit revolutionary scenic spots, enjoy the food ever had by the Red Army soldiers, pick citrus fruits etc. during their hike.   

    A new breakthrough has been made in expanding tourist markets. Although this year’s tourist festival attached importance to the tourists of the cities of the Yangtze River Delta like Shanghai and Hangzhou, it had made new breakthroughs in publicity and marketing through We Media, a new publicity mode different from the past. Meanwhile a preferential annual card has been issued for citrus fruits picking and a number of tourists have applied for it. Tourists strengthened their ties with the South-north Lake Scenic Area, so they prefer to spend their and festivals more often than not in this scenic area to enjoy the slow life here instead of visiting it only once.

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