Haiyan’s Two Small and Micro Enterprises Honored as “Development Star 2019” of Zhejiang

  • Release date:2019-10-28  14:08
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  • Two small and micro enterprises of Haiyan were honored as “Development Star 2019” of Zhejiang. They are Jiaxing Xinya Sci-tech Co., Ltd. and Haiyan Ximei Printing Co., Ltd., indicating local governments’ great efforts in serving small and micro enterprises and their strong development vigour.

    Financing difficulties and high financing costs are two main barriers for small and micro enterprises’ development. In order to tackle these barriers, market oversight agencies, banks and economy and information departments have strengthened their cooperation, made joint researches on the tax policies for small and micro enterprises, settled problems in policies implementation and put forward reasonable suggestions. The cooperation has been deepened among taxation departments and banking institutions like Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Jiaxing Agricultural and Commercial Bank and Postal Savings Bank of China to positively provide financing support and other financing services for small and micro enterprises with good credit, and policies beneficial to the small and micro enterprises have been publicized and implemented in different ways. Consequently, eligible enterprises are able to enjoy national favorable policies for the small and micro enterprises, and their financing burdens have been extremely lightened, development potential strengthened, sustainable development, innovation and entrepreneurship promoted, and the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction of taxpayers enhanced. According to the statistics, the number of Haiyan’s small and micro enterprises has reach 9,937 which enjoyed tax reductions or cuts in the first three quarter of the year.  

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