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  • Release date:2010-12-29  11:20
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  •   Nowadays Haiyan County is promoting the construction of service industry in accordance with the new playout: putting focus on the development of business, living, marketing, leisure tourism and productive services with Wuyuan Town as the main center; fostering modern logistics industry along the sea and the rivers and clustering service enterprises along the expressways; promoting vigorously the construction of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge New Zone - the Sub-CBD of Haiyan Development Zone and of tourist spots of Naibeihu Lake.

      Based on the layout mentioned above and the construction of service projects, Haiyan County will strengthen the development of commercial retail, the integration of the professional markets, the development of the modern logistics, leisure tourism, the productive services and newly emerging commerce with business building as its core in the following 3 years. Other construction projects will be further promoted such as the trade and logistics market zone in Haiyan County New Zone, the market zone around the passenger service center, the leisure business zone, the business and trade center;meanwhile, more efforts are to be made to construct living supporting area, hypermarket, urban cultural recreation area along the Haibing Road, and the urban complex in the living area for nuclear power plants.

      Accelerating the establishment of such intermediary service agencies for standard assay, patent service, technology evaluation and intellectual property protection; speeding up the development of R & D of industrial designs and products, and intermediary services like guarantee, consultation, MICE industry; accounting and audit which offer commercial services to the enterprises. Speeding up the construction of productive services clustering area that gathers port logistics, science and innovation park, headquarter buildings and professional markets.

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