Industries relevant to nuclear power

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  •   Haiyan County has so many nuclear power enterprises that it has won advantages to serve as the national nuclear power industrial base. Qinshan nuclear power station is the first nuclear power station designed and constructed independently by China. Three phases of nuclear projects have come into being in the Qinshan nuclear power base and the total installed capacity has amounted to 3.1 million kilowatts. The extension projects under way of Phase I ( Fangjiashan project ) and Phase II will be all accomplished in 2014 and there will be 9 nuclear power generating units then in Haiyan with the total installed capacity up to 6.3 million kilowatts. Haiyan has fostered many enterprisesand agencies relevant to nuclear power which offer supporting services to the development of the upriver and downstream enterprises.

      In March,2010, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed between the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and China Nuclear Power Group Company with a view to developing Haiyan into China nuclear city. China Nuclear City ( Haiyan) has taken initial shape which is to become the base for introducing, attracting, developing and producing nuclear power equipments with independent intellectual property rights. An industrial park including one center, one axis and four zones relevant to nuclear power industry has been planned in Qinshan Town. One center refers to nuclear power central service zone, which serves as the service center of China Nuclear Power City (Haiyan), aiming at science research, education, conferencing, training, exhibition etc. relevant to nuclear power. One axis refers to Qinshan Road, which serves as the main road to connect the urban centre of Haiyan City and other departments within the town. Four zones refer to Qinshan nuclear power base, nuclear power supporting industrial zone, nuclear power logistics zone and nuclear power cooperation expanding zone.

      The county party committee and government attach great importance to the development of enterprises relevant to nuclear power. An industrial park of 200 hectares for the enterprises relevant to nuclear power has been programmed to give emphasis to the development of the heavy equipment manufacturing industry, mechanical electron industry, and instrument manufacturing industry relevant to nuclear power in Hangzhou Bay Bridge New Zone of Haiyan Developing Zone.

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