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  •   In accordance with present industry features in Haiyan County, emphasis is to put on the development of the port industries closely connected with traditional competitive industry, advanced manufacturing,( machine building industry is included), advanced papermaking, and shipping making and repairing.

      Promoting and developing machine building industry.Machine building industry beginning to take shape is Haiyan’s traditional competitive port industry. The industry city for China Standard Components has come into being and the production of standard components and hoisting jack enjoys certain popularity at home and abroad. With the National Standard Component Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre and China International Fastener Hardware City as the development platform, Haiyan is to vigorously develop fastener production for railways, wind power, nuclear power, petrochemical industry, auto parts and aircraft industry and improve the relevant production technology for raw material processing, heat treating, surface treatment, production equipment and molds.

      Accelerating the machine manufacturing industry. Much importance is attached to the construction of industrial base to produce complete sets of equipments and technological equipments; striving to develop heavy equipments, high-tech equipments, traffic equipments and their supporting industries; positively developing professional machines for plastic and textile production, attracting or fostering enterprises to produce machines for fastener production.

      Promoting the development of ship manufacturing industry. Haiyan is a county with long history of shipping manufacturing and now offshore shipping building is emerging. It owns proper conditions to manufacture ships of 30, 000 to 50, 000-ton ships. Presently, the project to build a 5, 000-ton harbor and shipping building project in Linlun, Haiyan County, has gone into full operation, and the planning 50, 000 – ton modern dock and 20, 000- ton shipway are under way.

      Speeding up the development of warehousing industry. Based on present harbors and inner river ports, developing port industry and modern logistics, with a view to forming a  multifunctional modern comprehensive harbor district for cargo handling and storage, modern logistics, port industry and direct exchange of cargoes between rivers and the sea; accelerating the construction of such projects as direct exchange of cargoes between rivers and the sea in Hejiaqiao and inner river ports along the seabank branch.

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