Nanbei Lake

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  •   Nanbei Lake, the only scenic spot combining mountains, sea and lakes, is located in Ganpu Town of Haiyan County and on the northern bank of Hangzhou Bay. Dating back to the Song Dynasty, it is one of the first provincial-level scenic spots and historic sites, one of the best tourist attractions and holiday resorts in Zhejiang, meanwhile an A AAA - level scenic spot in China. With rich culture, good ecology and wetland as its highlights, and abundant natural resources and human landscapes, it is extremely suitable for sightseeing, leisure vacation, business and residence as its functions. Nowsdays it has become a famous recreational resort in the core areas of the Changjiang Delta, a city park of Jiaxing,a green lung of the northern Zhejiang Province and the back garden of the Changjiang Delta.

      Around the Nanbei Lake there stand mountains, at the foot of which there lies the sea. The scenes of the sea, mountains and the lakes combine together. Just as Professor Chen Congzhou put it, “Its mountains are multilevel, lakes full of bends and the sea rich in grand scenes. It is more elegant than Shou Xihu Lake in Yangzhou, and more exquisite than Xihu Lake in Hangzhou and absorbs the advantages of the both lakes. The whole scenic zone, covering an area of 45 square kilometers, is made up of lakes, ponds, forests, seaside and the ancient city, including over 40 scenic spots such as the smallest city in the world----Tanxian Stone City,  a one – thousand –year old nunnery ----Yunqu Nunnery with the nickname of Putuo Temple at night, the source of the world famous Qiangtangjiang River tide, and the symbol of good friendship between China and South Korea-----the sanctuary of Jinjiu, the former Korean leader. The lakes with zigzag banks cover a water area of 1800 mu, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on the rest. In the lakes, there are islands where aigrettes and butterflies live. In spring, peaches, willows and tea plants decorate the spot zone colorfully; in summer you will see verdant grass and trees, blooming lotus and rough waves; in autumn, osmanthus smell of fragrance and oranges mature on the trees, and in winter you can find various birds nest here and the scenes of the mountains, lakes and the sea blend together.   

      Nanbei Lake is full of leisure and serenity, with reeds swaying softly in the moderate breeze, and tea gardens, orchards, and groves of bamboo smelling of fresh air of the mountains. Strolling through the beauty of the scene you will find yourself in the idyllic life Chinese poet famous Tao Yuanming ever described: picking up chrysanthemum carefreely in Dongli and enjoying Nanshan Mountains leisurely. Nanbei Lake, with elegant and a little bite of tranquility, remains a natural but charming landscape in the Jiangnan areas.

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