Early morning drinking

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  •   Early morning drinking, referring to drinking of strong liquor starting as early as 4 or 5 o'clock in the early morning, a unique way of drinking, is kept as a custom in Gan Pu, Haiyan. Those who are fond of early morning drinking tend to be senior citizens, who are rarely absent in the whole year regardless of the local weather.Those customers of early morning drinking tend to go to the same restaurant, so the shopkeeper knows the liquor capacity of almost every customer, who would drink approximately 62.5g each time.This drinking activity tends to take place with a couple of elderly men holding very small cups around a table, and enjoying light hearted conversation with each other.Besides enjoying drinking and chatting, one more social function of early morning drinking is to exchange news and information concerning farming.There are two kinds of style of early morning drinking: drinking with animal food and drinking with vegetable food. For the former style, one may have lamb, pork and other animal meat while drinking. For the latter style, one usually has gaodian (cake and cookie), youtiao (deep-fried dough sticks), canned and salted beans and dried tofu.
        As early as the thirties of the twentieth century, every year in early autumn when lamb was first sold annually, customers nearby would come to Gan Pu in crowd for early morning drinking with local rice wine and braised lamb in brown sauce.

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