Rolling Lantern

  • Release date:2010-12-27  21:07
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  •   The making of rolling lantern is very peculiar.It is composed of two balls of solid bamboo slices tied into, the internal and small one hanging within the external and big one, without touching the inner surface of the big. The small one of which the surface is wrapped with red or black looks like a lamp.Inside, it is equipped with a movable support which can rotate in all direction.However, the big one functions like a shell, without silk sheets wrapped.
        The so-called rolling lantern can be rolled, pressed, thrown, even with violence, however, the candle inside does not go out and the outer shell does not break, which can only find explanation in the craftman's delicated craftsmanship. Therefore, the candle inserted inside will remain erect and keep burning, no mater where the lantern rolls.
        Rolling lantern, with a history of 700 years, is still popular in Haiyan which has been honored the Home of Rolling Lantern. Rolling lantern playing exhibits masculine beauty of Haiyan men who show special interest in traditional martial arts.Rolling lantern, recognized as a very important form of traditional Chinese dance, has been included both the "Chinese Folk Dances" and "Dictionary of Chinese Mass Culture."

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