Haiyan Qiang

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  •   It is believed that Haiyan Qiang came from nanbei gediao (songs of north and south), once popular in Haiyan in Yuan Dynasty, which was later adapted by Yang Zhi and other dramatists (Yuejiao Siyu by Yao Tongshou).According to one reference, Haiyan Qiang was created by Zhang Miao, who made his home in Haiyan and had already existed in the late South Song Dynasty (Zhitaoxuan Zazhui by Li Rihua in Ming Dynasty).It had been popular in Jiajing period in Ming Dynasty in Jiaxing, Huzhou, Wenzhou, Taizhou and other places in Zhejiang Province.It laid some influence on both Geyang Qiang and Kunshan Qiang.After Wanli of Ming Dynastythe, saozi ge declined and even disappeared. At present, you can rarely find some one who really knows Haiyang Qiang.According to "The Dictionary of Chinese Operatic Art, the chant for Haining art shadow preseves some elements from Haiyan Qiang.It is believed that Zhejiang Kun Ou may date back to Haiyan Qiang.


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