Yu Cheng Town

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  •   Yu Cheng is a town with a long history. This town can be referred to a historical reference titled "Jin Shan Wei Chun Qiu"(A History of Jin Shan Wei), which accounts King of Wu who built walls (literally meaning castle, homonous with the Chinese word "Cheng") to prevent from ("yu", the Chinese word for preventing from attacking ) Yue's attacking, so named "Yu Cheng". Yu Cheng Town is located in the central part of Haiyan County, with a total area of 42.91 square kilometers, 8 administrative villages, 1 resident committee and a total population of .

      This town has an advantagious location, location advantages, land and water transportation.It is about 100 km away from Shanghai to the north, 80 km away from Hangzhou to the south, 100 km away from Ningbo to the east, and 110 km away from Suzhou to the west. the new Hangzhou Bay Bridge built in the city only 15 kilometers away from.There are two highways, stretching from west to east and north to south respectively. Besides, in Yu Cheng Town, there is an access to the Express-way from Hangzhou to Shaoxing. Both Liu-Pin-Shen line, a 300-ton navigable inland waterway from Liuli in Haiyan, through Pinghu to Shanghai, and Jia-Yu-Jia line, a 500-ton navigable inland waterway are thoughout the town, linking Jiangsu, Zh is the city of Hangzhou high-speed pump with connection sharing; 300-ton inland waterway and 500 tons of the Ka line at Kip line runs through the whole territory of China Unicom Jiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai.Enjoying those unique advantages, Yu Cheng is attempting to build Yu Cheng into a satellite town for the capital of Haiyan County, a manufacturing base of metal products and machinery, storage and logistics base, and packaging and printing industry base". Yu Cheng is ideal for domestic and investors domestic and foreign investors and investment hot spot for venture world.

      In recent years, Yu Cheng Town has been giving priority to dvelopment of industry and attracting investment, making effort to establish platform and improving service environment for projects, as a result, industrial parks of Huangqiao standard parts and Sanlian Electronic textile packaging are complished in Yu Cheng Town.It has been characterized with hardware standard parts industry, silk, clothing, printing and dyeing, printing and packaging, and building materials. Enhanced by the Hardware Standard Parts Industrial Park of Huanqiao, hardware standard parts industry in has boosted with more than 50 companies set up in the park, which is now recognized as the first pillar industry in this town.

      Historically, Yu Cheng was engaged in traditional agriculture, whose rape seed, cocoon and piglets account for 10& of the whole county.In the last decade, the traditonal agriculture has restructed and maintained good momentum in aquatic product raising, fruit and flower growing, which are recognized as the leading industry of Yu Cheng Town. It has also established model producing bases for kiwi, quality grain and grape.

      Yu Cheng has witnessed great changes.In the last decade, it has improved its infrastructure and service facilities while Jiayuxia channel was innovated.This town has implemented series of policies to imrpove the environment. With a batch of projects complished, Yu Cheng has consolidate its foundation for further development.

      At the same time, Yu Cheng Town has obtained coordinated development of social undertakings.It has won a series of honors, as for the National Advanced Model for basic subsistence allowance, the Provincial advanced town for marine heritage along Chinese east sea coast area, provincial ecological town, provincial advanced town for civilian services, provincial town for community healthcare services, safe town and clean town.

      The current street of Yu Cheng Town (Photo not included)

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