Qinshan Sub-district

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  •   Qinshan Sub-district was named after the mountain in the same name, which can date back to Qin Shi Huang, the first empror so termed in Chinese history. Qingshan Nuclear Power Station, China's first self-designed nuclear power plant, is located in Qinshan Sub-district.

      Qinshan Sub-district, beside the mountain and facing the sea, is located on the north shore of Hangzhou Bay. It enjoys fertile soil and is abundant in agricultural products.92 km away from Hangzhou to the south and 118 km away from Shanghai to the north, Qinshan is convenient in transportation.Regional area of , jurisdiction over 11 administrative villages and 3 neighborhood, the resident population of 3.02 million. It covers an area of 56.9 square kilometers, with 11 administrative villages, 3 residential committees and a permanent resident population of 30200.

      With the advantages of nuclear power and georgraphic location, fast development of relevant industies, a neclear power city has been set up. Recent years have witnessed great progress in sea-river transport, warehouse logistics and E-commerse. In addition, Qinshan is strong in modern agriculture and has been awarded "Provincial Advanced Twon "

      However, Qinshan has also made rapid progress in cultural and ideological progress, and has earned a series of honors in social undertakings.

      Farmers Games, sea-river joint transport terminals (Photo omitted)

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