Gan Pu Town

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  •   Ganpu Town is located in the south of Haiyan County, with Qinshan Town on the east, Jianshan Xinqu and Yuanhua Town of Haining on the west, and Tongyuan Town on the north. The famous traveling site of Nanbei Lake is in this town.Ganpu, a town with a history over one thousand years, was established in the fifth year of Kaiyuan (AD 717), the title of an emperor's reign in Tang Dynasty. It has been prosperous and well known for the talents gathering here. This town has 65 square kilometers of area, 2.56 million mu (1706.7 hectare) of cultivated land area, 31.6 thousand of permanent resident population and 7.5 thousand of floating population. Under this town, there are 13 administrative villages and 1 residents committee.

      There are totally 703 enterprises, of which 58 are above designated size and 5 produce an annual output value of over a hundred million yuan (approximately $1.49 million). It is mainly engaged in textile, clothing, metal products, chemicals and new energy (solar energy). Ganpu has three major agricultural production bases of tea, fruits and vegetables. Of all the products, "Lue Li Xiang", a famous tea brand, has been approved as the first class of tea within Zhejiang Province, and "Huangshawu orange " has been approved as natural green food of national level.

      In recent years, Ganpu Town has achieved coordinated development in various areas, winning such titles as "National Environmental Elegant Town", "Advanced Town for Cultural Development in East Sea Coastal Area within Zhejiang Province", "Provincial Advanced Town for Education", "Provincial Clean Town", "Provincial Town for Tourism", "Provincial Model Town for Forest Protection", "Provincial Model Town for Safe Use of Agricultural machinery", "MuModlel for Mutual Support Between the Civilian and the Military Forces", "Advanced Town for Science and Technology", "Model Town for Electrification in Rural Area" and "Mode Town for Food Safety".

      The Tourist Area of Nanbei Lake, a 4A National Tourist Area within Ganpu Town (Photo not included)

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