Local Delicious Dishes in Haiyan

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  •   Haiyan dishes feature Hangzhou cuisine, i.e. based on the flavor of Zhejiang, integrating with the characteristics of Suzhou and Shanghai styles of cooking. The dishes are suitable for the mass consumption because they emphasize the four essential factors of Chinese cooking: color, aroma, taste and shape, with the selected delicacies of the season cooked in highly sophisticated methods and their original taste and flavor retained. Moreover, there are many moving legends about some traditional famous dishes coming down the ages, which will make tourists get some idea of Haiyan food culture while tasting delicious food.

    Simmered Ganpu Stewed Mutton

      Selected mutton of Hu sheep, which is 15 to 18 months old, is to be simmered for a long time with the pot lid uncovered. After the mutton becomes extremely fluffy and crispy, some brown sugar will be added to make the mutton smothered. And finally it will be sprinkled with garlic bolt pieces.

      Features: The dish is fluffy but not too over-cooked, oily but not too greasy, with a remarkably dense, red color and a special flavor,


    Simmered Taro with Sheep Gravy

      Fresh taros are to be simmered with sheep gravy.

      Features: The dish has a rich aroma, with a remarkably dense, red color and viscous gravy.


    Fried Pork Fillet with Mustard Greens

      Mustard greens, red peppers and quality pork fillet are to be fried and stewed.

      Features: The dish is tender, salty and spicy, and it is beneficial to people, decreasing lipid and lowering blood pressure.


    Nanbeihu Stewed Fish with Stock

      First, the selected Yangtze silver carp should be marinated, and then it will be stewed with stock.

      Features: The fish is tasty and fresh, and the soup is appetizing and delicious.


    Taohua Steamed Chicken

      First, the selected chicken raised in kitchen garden or tea garden should be boned; second, spices are to be put in; and then it will be steamed after being marinated. It will be in cellophane below and then wrapped in Taohua Paper.

      Features: The chicken has a delicate taste and a rich aroma, and is good for health and beauty care.

    Fried and Pickled Meat

      Put fresh marbled meat, salt, cooking wine, Chinese prickly ash, scallions, ginger in a bowl to steam. After being cut into pieces and fried, it will be pickled for 24 hours.

      Features: The dish has a rich aroma, tasting fat but not greasy.

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